Case Studies

  • Case Study 1 – Motorcyclist slips on newly laid SMA (Stone Mastic Asphalt)

    McKeowns recovered £6,000 for Mr S following a motorcycle incident where the motorcycle he was riding slipped from under him on a newly laid road surface.

    Late morning of mid November, our client, an advanced motorcyclist and retired police officer was riding his motorcycle in Halstead. He was following a car and a small truck, the car indicated to turn right and Mr S in anticipation of the turn began to slow his motorcycle, he found himself tumbling down the road.

    Following investigations into the road surface it was found to have a low slip resistance as it had been newly laid and no warnings of this had been placed to warn our client. McKeowns issued proceedings and were successful in securing damages for personal injury and financial losses against the local authority.


  • Case Study 2 – Client collides with the rear of another vehicle and wins

    McKeowns recovered £5,800 on behalf of Miss G who collided with the rear of another vehicle.

    On a morning in early December, our client a 20 year old student was driving her vehicle, a Ford Ka, on a slip road in Liverpool.  A vehicle overtook our client and pulled sharply to the left into our clients braking area. Our client braked sharply but was unable to avoid a collision.

    Proceedings were issued against our client. McKeowns fought and defended the case to trial. We called a police officer, who had been attending an accident on the opposite carriageway, as a witness and instructed a Barrister to represent our client. Miss G was found not to be liable and awarded damages for personal injury and financial losses.

  • Case Study 3 – Client an excellent witness

    McKeowns acted for Mr M, for injuries and losses sustained as a result of a road traffic accident.

    Mr M’s statement was one of the most detailed statements McKeowns had seen in over 30 years.

    Liability was disputed and the damage sustained to the vehicles was more supportive of our opponents allegations. However, in view of the detailed statement provided by our client and his persistence in not being to blame at all we issued proceedings on his behalf. The matter was taken all the way to trial where the Judge specifically commented on the detailed nature of the clients statement. Mr M was found not to be at fault and received the full compensation he was due.