Medical Negligence

Those who work in the medical profession have a ‘duty of care’ to ensure their patients receive the correct treatment in a proper manner.

In the majority of cases, medical professionals carry out their work to a high standard – however, sometimes mistakes do happen and patients can suffer as a result.

If someone feels they have incurred an injury due to the actions (or lack of actions) of a doctor, nurse, surgeon or dentist, or an anaesthetist then they may be liable to make a medical negligence claim (also known as a ‘clinical negligence claim’).

Types of Medical Claims

Medical negligence is a broad term that covers a number of different medical errors or sub-standard treatment.

In practice, medical negligence can mean;

  • Misdiagnosis or delay in diagnosis which leads to complications or a deterioration of the patient’s condition
  • Surgical errors that cause unnecessary pain or scarring
  • Neglect, or a lack of treatment which leads to a deterioration of the patients’s condition
  • Complications or side effects caused by medication errors (including anaesthetic)
  • Injuries to a mother or child during childbirth (birth injury claims).
Experience is Essential

Due to the their complex nature, medical negligence claims can be lengthy and in some cases can involve an independent medical assessment.

Difficulties include proving that a medical practitioner was, in fact, negligent, and proving that the injury was a direct result of that medical professional’s negligence.  This is a highly specialist area so it is important that you choose a firm of solicitors that have specific experience in this field.

If you think you’re entitled to compensation, you should not be put off, as McKeowns offer this specialist medical negligence advice and experience.

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