Diarmuid McKeown

Senior Partner

Diarmuid has practiced over a wide area of law for over 40 years both in Northern Ireland and England & Wales. In the 90’s he established McKeowns initially as a specialist Personal Injury Practice in St Albans where it grew to be one of the leading practices in the UK. Diarmuid maintains a keen interest in assisting those afflicted with mental health issues and in 2013 he became a Director of Action Mental Health. More recently he has been appointed as a Non Alcoholic Trustee of the General Services Board of Alcoholic Anonymous Ireland and travels the country extensively in this role assisting with the promotion of the good works that the Fellowship perform in helping those afflicted with the addiction. His favourite pastimes include rambling, golf, cinema and theatre as well as spending time with his grandchildren.

Contact: 02890 269982 or diarmuid.mckeown@mckeowns.com