Aretha Franklin's hand written wills

by Diarmuid McKeown on May 22, 2019

Following the death of Aretha Franklin, three wills have been found in her home. One of these was found hidden under a cushion.

It was thought when she died that she hadn't made a will. The other 3 were found in a locked drawer.

Some of the writing on the wills is apparently hard to decipher but does purport to make legacies to certain of her relatives.

The wills remain to be proved at court and objections are being raised by two of her sons


It should be noted that a Will in this jurisdiction can only stand if it has been properly executed. That it is that it has been properly witnessed by two persons who are both present at the same time as the testator signs the will. There is no mention in the article as to whether these requirements had been met.